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Our Environment Project

Our Project are talking about Global warming by emissions of carbon dioxide using bad the computer. According to support.com, it is estimated that activating power management functions on your desktop computer can result in saving up to $75 per year and over 11 million pounds of CO2 emissions. The equivalent to planting more than 1000 acres of trees, burning more than 13,000 barrels of oil and saving more emissions than 5000 cars driving from NY to LA.

Our mission can be archived by making deals with most popular websites on internet to lend some space to show the advertizements, with a maximum size of 500x500 pixels. Some of them could be: Google, eBay, Amazon, Cnet, IGN, CNN, NBC, and other news and technology websites.And some national websites like: URBE, LUZ, MercadoLibre, Globovision, Venevision, RCTV, Noticias24, and others.

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domingo, 27 de julio de 2008


Good Morning Mrs. Chin. The Hardware Repair Technician: VM Services (Venture Manufacturing) saw you job resume so we want to know some things about you. So let’s start.

1.- How are you today?
So, so. I'm rather nervous actually.

2.- Tell me about yourself.
I was born in San Cristobal Venezuela. Now I'm Studing the 7th trimester of Computer Science Engineering at the university Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín.

3.- What type of position are you looking for?
I'm looking for a position in which I can utilize my experience.

4.- Are you interested in a full-time or part-time position?
I am more interested in a full-time position. However, I would also consider a part-time position.
5.- What is your greatest strength?
I work well under pressure. When there is a deadline, I am an excellent communicator And I’m good working with a team.

6.- What is your greatest weakness?
I am overzealous and become nervous when my co-workers are not doing their job.

7.- When can you begin?
As soon as you would like me to begin.

domingo, 29 de junio de 2008


Chin L. Go Kin
Sierra Maestra, Avenue Union between 8th and 9th street.


To gain employment with a company where my leadership experience and knowledge, especially in the area of Computer Science, can be used effectively.


2008 7th Trimester of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin University. Expected December 2009


Operating Systems:
Win 98, Me and Xp
Languages: Java, Visual Basic
Software: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Autocad


Zulia State Government - Update Data


Spanish and Chinese (Cantons): Fluent (Native Languages)
English: Basic

sábado, 28 de junio de 2008

Cover Letter

Job Aplication

Chin L. Go Kin
Sierra Maestra, Avenue Union
Apt 2A

Date 21 July, 2008

Dear: Mrs. Molero
VM services (Venture Manufacturing)

I am writing with reference to you advertisement on Yahoo Hot-Job for Hardware Repair Technician.

As you can see in the enclose resume. I Have a strong academic background in Hardware Reapair also I have a knowledge of Word software and Excel software, ablility to read, analyze ans nterpret common electronic and technical information.

I would appreciate the oportunity to discuss how my education and experience will be helpful to you. I will be contacting you tomorrow morning on phone to talk about the posibility of arranging an interview. Thank you for you time and consideration.

Chin L. Go Kin
Computer Science Engineering
Maracaibo, Venezuela

sábado, 14 de junio de 2008

Finding a Job online

I was looking a job on Yahoo hot-Job And I choose a Hardware Repair Technician. Because I like that area and have a skill in that area. The job tha I choose it was.

Hardware Repair Technician: VM Services (Venture Manufacturing)

Job ID VIPColor
Company Name VM Services (Venture Manufacturing)
Job Category Engineering/Architecture; Technology
Location Newark, CA
Position Type Full-Time, Employee Experience 2-5 Years Experience
Date Posted May 1, 2008 (Reposted May 20)


The main duties are the repair, test and quality control of all hardware products sold by VIPColor technologies. Will use software to track repairs and test equipment. Product range mainly, but not limited to, digital imaging equipment. Candidate must be able to work well in a team as well as under limited supervision.

Essential duties and responsibilities (other duties may be assigned)

· Interface with technical sources (hardware and software) to feedback issues, additional features or bugs as they come across them in their day to day work.
· This position will be office based
· Will need to be able to talk with customers on issues regarding the printers they are working on to clarify issues and also discuss repaired carried out.
· May be needed to offer some phone support to customers on hardware that they are working on.

Competency: To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies.

· Motivation- Candidate must be self-motivated, able to function in a team and with minimal supervision.

· Customer interaction- ability to manage difficult or emotional customers, quick to respond to customer needs, meets commitments.

· Team Work - Exhibits objectivity and openness to others' views; Gives and welcomes feedback; Contributes to building a positive team spirit; Puts success of team above own interest.

· Oral Communication - Speaks; Listens and gets clarification; Responds well to questions; Demonstrates group presentation skills.

· Written communications - Writes clearly and informatively; Edits work for spelling and grammar; Varies writing style to meet needs; Presents numerical data effectively; Able to read and interpret written information.

· Technical ability – Able to understand technical and software concepts and use them in their function whether interacting with other technical people or with non technical people through email, phone, written or oral interaction.

· Organisational skills – must be organised, structured and work to deadlines.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Any printer, fax or copier repair and service experience is preferential.


Fourth year college or university program certificate in engineering; or two to four years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Support, repair or faultfinding experience on hardware such as laser printers in network environments or similar would be preferable.

Language Ability:

Ability to read, analyze, and interpret common electronic, mechanical and technical information. Ability to respond clearly and concisely to inquiries or questions from customers and staff.

Reasoning Ability:

Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagram form and deal with several abstract and concrete variables.

Computer Skills:

To perform this job successfully, an individual should have knowledge of Word software, and Excel software.

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Online Dictionary

For use an online dictionary I chose this article and find some words that I don’t Know so I put it in the dictionary http://www.answer.com/ and I find the meaning of the two words


Cracking is the process of breaking down the security issues or protection methods of a system. When cracking is concerned with software, it is called Software Cracking. Cracking can break copy prevention. The serial numbers, hardware keys, passwords etc. can also be found out by cracking. The people who do these kinds of activities are called Crackers. Apple II and Commodore64 are the first copy protection software. The software crackers are successful in breaking the copy protection and it is considered to be an illegal task.

Crackers need to have a strong knowledge to crack these protections. Cracking is an illegal process but, the distributions of the copies that are cracked are termed to be most illegal by the lawsuits. Now-a-days, all software comes with copy protection, but defeating the protection involves individual’s knowledge to experiment on it and crack it. So, the crackers are skilled people who use their knowledge in illegal aspects. The United States have passed, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), to make software cracking and distribution of cracked information as illegal. In May 2001, The European Union passed The European Copyright Detective to make cracking illegal. Cracking is done by modifying the application in binary and preventing the key in program’s execution. With the help of the debugger, the cracker can reach the subroutine which contains the protection code. Now, the binary can be modified in a way it can replace the opcode with its NOP opcode, which skips the subroutine to be executed.

For read more about this article go to.


The words that I don’t know were…


  1. To win victory over; beat.
  2. To prevent the success of; thwart: Internal strife defeats the purpose of teamwork.
  3. Law. To make void; annul.


  1. To win a victory over, as in battle or a competition: beat, best, conquer, master, overcome, prevail against (or over), rout, subdue, subjugate, surmount, triumph over, vanquish, worst. Informal trim, whip. Slang ace, lick. Idioms: carrywinthe day, gethavethe best of, gethavethe better of, go someone one better. See win/lose/recovery.
  2. To prevent from accomplishing a purpose: baffle, balk, check, checkmate, foil, frustrate, stymie, thwart. Informal cross, stump. Idioms: cut the ground from under. See allow/prevent.

Antonyms: attainment, mastery, success, triumph


The act or an instance of flowing, passing, or giving out.
  • Something produced, published, or offered.
  • Offspring; progeny.

  • verb

    To pass or pour out: discharge, empty, flow. See enter/exit.
  • To discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently: emit, give, give forth, give off, give out, let off, let out, release, send forth, throw off, vent. See free/unfree, move/halt.
  • To come into view: appear, emerge, loom, materialize, show. Idioms: makeput inan appearance, meet the eye. See see/not see.

  • Antonyms: hold, keep, repress, retain, suppress

    I think that the online dictionary is an easy way to find different words and with that you can understand any thing

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    Victo and Jessica Interview

    He thinks that engineering is a complete profession, that it includes a lot of skills, professionals and individual skills like: creativity, knowledge. He choose electronics engineering because he loves technology and he wants to be part of it.

    He saiy that to be a good engineer you have to be a very good student, very responsable, becuase if you really want to be an Engineer you will no have time for nothing more than study, then you will se the benefits in the future, you will improve your knolegde, you have to be very outgoing.

    When he completes his education he wants to work for an international company where he can show and improve his skills. Also he wants to graduate with good grades and view the benefits of his scholarship. Victor wants to support his parents, help them, and of course have his own family working as an Engineer for an international company.

    He recommends engineering because it is a carreer where you learn science, numbers, professional and individual skills, environment works. In his opinion Engineering is a complete career.

    She say that Engineering is the art of creativity, knowledge. It is a profession that only ingenuity people can handle, and to be a good engineer you need to be very responsable, outgoing, you have to know how to work as a group, be a leader. Also you have to have a good memory and be extremely good with numbers.

    She think that the most difficult part of being an engineer is there are a lot of hard subjects and you need to learn a lot, but sometimes I have to handle teachers with no personality or enough knowledge. She want to graduate with good grades and want to work for an international company.

    She recommends engineering because it is a carreer where you learn science, numbers, professional and individual skills, environment works.
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